Allan Carnevale is a music composer, audio engineer and sound designer from Caracas, Venezuela, currently living in Florida.

      Allan began classical guitar lesson at age 8 and immediately fell in love with music. In his teens, he began experimenting with all sorts of genres, being Rock and Metal the most predominant.

      Throughout high school, Allan played in several bands, including "Gnosis", his first serious project. With Gnosis, he experienced the recording process for the first time making him fall in love with music as a whole, from performing to production.


In 2018, the two-times Emmy nominee decided to found Carlon Productions to pursue his dream of helping others create compelling stories through music, video, and images. During his career he have gained experience not only in the music industry but also in media production, creating advertising videos, retouching images and even developing creative visual arts with image manipulation in Photoshop! 

Allan Carnevale Studio.jpg

        Allan later on joined "Agonia" with whom he played the biggest music festivals in Venezuela, including Festival Nuevas Bandas 2009 and 2010. Meanwhile, Allan shared the staged with international bands such as Korn and Dark Tranquillity. With Agonia, Allan recorded and produced several EP’s, as well as co-writing, producing and recording a full length album entitled “Unleash the Truth”.


      In 2011, Allan moved to Miami, FL to study Audio Production at the Miami International University of Art & Design where he graduated Summa Cum Laude and was chosen Valedictorian of his class. Since then, he has been involved in many film and music productions from both Venezuela and United States.

      Most recently, Allan’s work in the areas of music scoring and re-recording mixing caught the attention of the industry and press leading him to receive a Suncoast Chapter Emmy nomination.